5 ways to Discourage Pesky Pigeons

Pigeons might be seen as our feathered friends, but they can cause quite a nuisance.

They have adapted to urban environments and flourish in towns and cities, and aren’t very scared of humans anymore. They don’t need much shelter, so will often be found on the ledges of buildings and nesting in guttering.

The problem with pigeons is they are revered as a part of British urban life, but they are also known as ‘rats of the sky’. They carry diseases and parasites and can damage roof tiles and drains with their nests.

What’s more, their droppings don’t look great and contain acid that can erode brick, stone and metal – they can seriously affect the paintwork on your car.

Always be vary careful when installing any anti-pigeon devices that you don’t damage your roof, roof repairs can be costly, so we always recommend getting a trained pest controller or handyman to install any pest control devices.

We’ve put together 5 ways you can discourage pigeons from nesting in your premises to help run have a stress- and pigeon-free business or home.

1. Bird netting

It’s not as cruel as it sounds – any areas where pigeons like to nest is covered with a heavy duty mesh to stop them resting there. It can be used on bridges, shelters and building facades, and can be a temporary or a permanent measure.

anti perch systems for pigeons
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2. Anti-perch devices

Anti-perch devices are spikes that can be added to sills, chimneys, ledges and guttering to discourage pigeons from perching there. It doesn’t harm them, but no one wants to sit on a spike!

3. Bird-wire systems

Bird-wire is another deterrent to perching and suits ledges, pipes, signs and guttering. It is more discreet than spikes, so can be perfect for buildings where spikes would ruin the look.

4. Deterrent sound systems

There are sonic sound systems available that act as a deterrent over large areas. They mimic predator cries so pigeons stay away from the area.

5. Robotic scarers

This is the modern-day scarecrow. It’s an electronic bird of prey which frightens pigeons away. It’s much cheaper than using a live falcon or hawk but is said to have a similar effect.

If you’ve got a pigeon problem, it’s best to call a pest controller before the issue gets too large. We have a network of trusted pest controllers in your area ready to help.

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