Advice on Picking a Pest Control Pro

If you’re looking for a pest control pro, it’s important to pick the ideal company. Finding the best company will mean you get good quality work at a price that you’re happy with.

If you’re not sure how to go about finding the perfect pro, read on. We’ve put together some easy tips on picking a pest controller.

Choosing a tradesperson

There are a few general things you can do to find the best pro for your project:

Get a number of pros to come to your property to quote

It’s essential to get a range of quotes for your job. By doing this, you’ll know you’re getting the best price. You’ll also get the most accurate quotes by having the pros come and inspect the job.

Research customer reviews

Try to find companies with plenty of positive customer reviews. This means you’ve got a good guarantee that they’ve done good work in the past, and have good customer service. However, if you can’t find any reviews online, ask for references from previous customers.

Get proof of company details

Always ask pros for proof of their insurance coverage, company name and address. Companies need to have liability insurance, which covers their work, and therefore you. We verify all of these company details for the pros on our network.

Don’t use cold callers

Don’t use cold callers who turn up at your door unannounced. It’s difficult to know that these companies are who they say they are. It’s better to use pros who come recommended from friends and family, or who have been vetted by a consumer matching service like ours.

Picking a pest controller

There’s a couple of things that you should look out for when specifically seeking a pest control pro:

Get a thorough inspection

With most pest control problems, it’s important to have the area thoroughly inspected. If the treatment doesn’t successfully eradicate the entire infestation, the pests will keep coming back. So, make sure that the pest control pros carry out a full inspection to decide on the best treatment procedure.

Check for trade association memberships

Pest control pros aren’t legally required to have membership to trade associations. However, those that do may have extra guarantees. Look out for the British Pest Control Association or the National Pest Technicians Association. Also, due to the hazardous chemicals that are often used in pest treatments, you may want to look for a company registered with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.

See if they’ll do emergency callouts

If you think you may need a pest control pro in an emergency, it’s a good idea to check if the company that you’re choosing will do emergency callouts. It’s great for peace of mind to have a company that you trust that are prepared to come on short notice if you have a pest problem.

With all of these tips, you’ll be able to carry out high-quality research and find the ideal pest control pro for your project. If you’re still looking for a pest control pro, fill out the form below and we’ll match you with up to 4 local and trusted pest controllers.