How to find a Pest Controller

As much as we try to prevent them, sometimes pests do find their way into or around our homes. And when this happens, you want to make sure that you call a reliable pest controller that will be able to eradicate the pest in the best way possible. But what is the best way to find a good pest controller and what should you ask them before letting them do the work?

Check their experience

Different pests require different treatments, so it’s important that you choose a pest controller that has experience dealing with the pest you need eradicating. Some controllers might specialise in certain types of pest, so don’t assume that all pest controllers deal with the pest you need removing.

Collect reviews and recommendations

Ask your friends and family if they can recommend you a pest controller and whether they were happy with the work that was carried out. Another way to get recommendations is to look online for reviews – this way you can see a wide range of opinions from lots of different customers. Every Quotatis pest control company collects reviews that future customers can see to help them make their decision.

Make sure the pest controller comes to your home

Most good pest control companies will come to your home to offer a free identification service and then quote you a price. Be wary of a company that gives you a price over the phone, as they won’t have been able to properly identify the pest or see how long eradication will take. A good pest controller will also carry out a risk assessment for you.

Look for accreditations

Look to see if the pest controller is a member of any trade associations, such as the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) or the National Pest Control Association (NPCA). Professionals have to go through a vetting process and prove their qualifications before they are able to join these associations, so they should be reliable.

As long as you follow these four pieces of advice, you should find a reputable pest controller easily. Use our service to get up to 4 quotes from local pest control companies.

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Emily Rivers

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