Pest Control Project Timeline

If you’re planning a pest control project, it’s worth finding out how long it’s going to take. This will help you understand what it involves and the best time to do it.

Every project is different, which means that it’s quite hard to say for sure how long it’ll take. However, to give you an idea, we’ve put together a rough pest control project timeline.

How long will a pest control project take?

Research: 1 week

It’s essential to put plenty of time into looking for the right pest control company for your project. Different companies tend to specialise in different types of pest control, so it’s important to find pros that are experienced in the type of work you need doing. Make sure you find several suitable companies and ask them for quotes. If you decide to use our service to do this, all our companies should contact you within 48 hours.

After you’ve got a range of quotes, take the time to compare them and select the best one. When you’re choosing between companies don’t just think about price – also look at their customer reviews and find out about their accreditations.

Survey: 1 day or less

Once you’ve found the right pest control company for you and they’re available, they’ll start by conducting a survey. Lots of companies will do this for free so they can give you a reliable quote. However, even if the company you choose has done this, they may need to come back to your property to conduct a survey in more detail. This shouldn’t take too long – usually 1 day or less.

Treatment: 1 day -2 months

Once your pest control company knows the nature of your problem, they’ll be able to decide on the best treatment. Different treatments take different lengths of time – some can kill pests on contact while others take time to work. Ask your company to give you precise details on how long the most appropriate treatments for your project will take so you know for sure.

Aftercare: 1 day +

After they’ve treated your pest problem, your company should return to make sure that it’s been successful. This might involve removing mice or rats if you’ve had a rodent problem. If the treatment hasn’t been successful, then the company should try again until the problem has been resolved. They should also offer you advice on how to prevent further problems in the future.

Total time: 2 weeks+

So your pest control project should take around 2 weeks or more, depending on the nature of your problem and the best treatment. To find out more about how long your project will take, fill in our online form. We’ll put you in touch with up to 4 pest control companies in your area.